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Lunt Elementary School has been identified as a Title 1 School.

Zoom Schools are designated elementary schools with a significant ELL population. These schools have a focused curriculum on language and literacy with built-in Zoom reading centers. The reading centers offer staff development for teachers, intensive reading and language instruction for students, and outreach programs for parents and the community. Zoom Schools have an early intervention program with preschool offered within the attendance zone as well as class-size reduction in kindergarten. Zoom Schools offer students the opportunity to master the English language across all content areas.

Zoom School News- Sept

Noticias Ecscolares Zoom- Sep

Nevada School Performance Rating

Nevada School Performance Rating: 2-Stars

For more information about our school’s overall performance ratings please click the link below.

Nevada School Performance Framework 19-20

Title I

No Standard Student Attire

Standard Student Attire will not be required at Lunt for 2020-2021 school year. Students must follow CCSD Regulation 5131 regarding district dress code policy. For more information please click https://www.ccsd.net/district/info/student-attire