Grade Level Guide and Directions

As school closures continue through the end of the school year, this guide provides a suggested structure for students and families for learning through distance education.

Grade Level Assignment Guide

Daily Instructional Plan

Below is a list of suggested activities to help you child maintain their skills during this time. In addition please check your child’s ClassDojo and Google Classroom for communication from their teacher.

Lunt Lions Read At Home Challenge

AR Read At Home Challenge will be available for testing from 8:00AM – 8:00PM. You can access books to read at home on MyOn through the Clever application.

How to access Accelerated Reader (AR):



CCSD Clever

Login: Student Initials (First and Last Name only) Student ID

Password: Student ID #


Lisa Drakulich 12345678 

Login: LD12345678

Pasword: 12345678

Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email Mrs. Meteer at or contact your classroom teacher through Class Dojo or email.

How to Login to Clever

Clever is a website your children use to log in to various online programs that Lunt Elementary has to offer. Below is a step by step login for Clever. It is important to have your child’s eight digit student ID number available to use to login to Clever and some individual programs on the application.

1. Type in The screen to your right should appear. If not, try, type in Robert Lunt and click on it when it pops up.

2. Click on the C (K-5 Backup Login). This will take you to the image below. Students remember their Google login can use Login with Google.

3. Type in your child’s Student ID number twice, once for the username and once for the password. Students can find their Student ID on Infinite Campus.

4.Select the Application you and your child wish to use.

Kindergarten suggests that students follow the schedule below.
30 minutes iReady Reading
30 minutes iReady Math
20 minutes sight word practice
How to access IReady activities
1.  Login to Clever.
2. Click on the IReady image in Clever.
2. Depending on the goal choose reading or math.
3. Look for the “Teacher Assigned” Lessons on the left. They will be blue rectangles. These are lessons chosen by their teacher as specific to your child’s goals. Do not click on the green rectangles unless there are no blue.
4. Choose a lesson and have fun! Make sure they finish the entire lesson before moving on to the next one. There is a status bar at the bottom.
1st Grade
Students who have access to Clever can login with their student number and do the following programs:
1. MyOn – 20 minutes of Reading (also may take an AR quiz if available)
2. iReady ELA- 30 minutes
3. iReady Math – 30 minutes
4. Practice First Grade 100 sight words (CCSD List) -20 minutes
2nd Grade

Check Google Classroom accounts for updates as well. All current activities can be accessed through Classroom and Clever.

iReady (login through Clever): all assigned (blue) lessons, plus 30 minutes of path (green) a week in both subjects

MyOn (login through Clever)
3rd Grade

Click on the links below for Reading Choice activities and other enrichment activities and videos. Students  can watch the videos and use comprehension skills to identify the key details in the text. The math videos are a fun way to practice Fact Fluency.  In addition the instructional videos can be stopped and started as students practice the skills along with the video. Students have access to Clever and can log in at home. Reflex and Prodigy are always great apps that strengthen math skills. Teachers have placed activities on Google Classroom for students to work on. 

Reading Choice Board

Reading Read aloud and Animated Stories
Mathematics  Math Fact and Content 

Math Manipulatives and Games

Science  Mystery Science

Math and Science

Social Studies  Government
4th/5th Grade

Login to IReady and Khan Academy and check out their resources. Keep up to date with Class Dojo.


Here is a great project for famiies to work on together.

Kindness Poster

Check out Scholastic’s Art website

Sign in as a student and the password is Art 16.

The site offers articles that older kids or adults could read to the little ones and there are studio projects to try with parent’s permission.

Tate Museum for Kids: Just a little UK vocabulary a torch is a flashlight.

The Art Assignment from PBS:

OK Go Sandbox:


Check out the Link to Ms. Fender’s activity list. Each activity should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete.

Elementary Music Class at Home


There are many great ways to read and grow while you are a way. You can go online using Clever and Destiny Discover and read the Lunt Library EBooks.

Click on Clever and use the Destiny Discover link or click on Login is your student number and the password is your student’s first name. Once you login the second row of books are EBooks that you can click on and read.

The Las Vegas/Clark County Library District also has access to EBooks. Click on and Login in the upper right corner. Your library card number is the login and the PIN is what was set up when you set up the card. You can search for EBooks and read from your phone or a Kindle.

The Library District is issuing ecards for families to be able to access books digitally. The web address is

Poetry Website: This is a great site to check out poems that read to you. (Grades 2-3)

The Shelver Game: This is a library based game you can try. (Grades 3-5)

Field Trips: – Did you say field trips?! Check out these Digital Field Trips.
San Diego Zoo (go to website and scroll down to Wildlife Live Cams):
American Museum of Natural History:
Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Lunch Doodles w/Mo Willems! (doodle draw with the author of Elephant and Piggy/Pigeon (try certain coding games without signing in):


Here’s what we are doing in P.E. this week:

1.  Warm-Up:
Choose: Best Days of My LIfe
2. Wellness Day dance:
Choose:  View Ven Conmigo Instructional Video
3. Exercise Routine:
Skip-counting by 6s:
(6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72)
Push outs
Knee lifts
Arm circles
Torso twists
Boxer shuffle
Tippy Toes
4. Running:
Choose: Fabio Meatball Run
5. Indoor Recess:
Choose: #2
6. Cool Down:
Choose: Let’s Unwind

Use the link below to connect with our Resource Packet for helping children cope with the Coronavirus.

Social Emotional Resource Packet

School Breakfast/Lunch